Encouraging Participation in Rehabilitation Activities of Flood Affected Areas – Award of Grace Marks to students – sanctioned

As per the Government decision to involve the Students of the Engineering Institutions of the State in various rehabilitation activities of the flood affected areas, the Principal Secretary Higher Education Department has directed the University to formulate a policy for awarding motivational incentives. Accordingly, the University has formulated a proposal and placed it before the Syndicate for consideration. The Syndicate has approved the proposal of awarding Grace Marks to the eligible students of the affiliated institutions of the University who are actively involving in various rehabilitation activities of flood affected areas by treating this as participating in state level
community outreach activities representing the University. It was decided to award the grace marks to all eligible students admitted during the AY 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18 subject to the following guidelines.

  1. Only bona-fide, regular candidates are eligible for the award of Grace Marks.
  2. The Marks shall be awarded for the end semester examinations conducted by the University.
  3.  The Marks that can be awarded to the candidate is 25% of the marks scored by the candidate in each course
  4. The maximum marks that can be awarded to a student for a course for all activities put
    together shall not exceed 10% of the maximum marks prescribed for the course.
  5.  Transfer of marks from one paper to another shall not be permitted. Fractions of marks if any,
    while computing shall be discarded.
  6.  Transfer of Marks from one semester to another semester shall not be permitted.
  7. The Marks shall be awarded for all theory papers/courses/subjects for which the University
    conducts End Semester Examination.
  8.  The Grace Marks shall not be awarded to a student for Practical/ Lab/ Viva Voce/ internal
    assessment/ Seminar etc even though she/he fails for the same.
  9.  This Grace Marks shall be awarded for the regular and supplementary examinations to be
    conducted during the end of current semester (August to December 2018). Grace Marks shall
    not be awarded for subsequent examinations.
  10. . The request for Grace Marks shall be submitted to the Controller of Examinations through the
    principal along with all relevant documents, within the time limit prescribed by the University.
    The request for Grace Marks received after the time limit shall not be entertained on any account
  11. This is only a one-time incentive and shall not be quoted as precedence under any circumstances.

Based on the decision of the Syndicate, the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor in excercise of powers
conferred under section 14 (5) of the APJ Abdul Kalam Techological University Act 2015, has issued
orders to award Grace marks to all the eligible students who actively involve in various rehabilitation
activities of flood affected areas suject to the guidelines as approved by the Syndicate.
Orders are issued accordingly


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