KTU User Manual for Low Pass Grade Requests

1. A Low Pass Grade (LP) will be granted to students who have achieved a minimum of 40% marks in the End Semester Examination but fell short of meeting the pass threshold in a particular subject due to low Continuous Internal Assessment marks. The eligibility for the Low Pass Grade (LP) is extended to the following programs and schemes:
2. The Grade Point assigned to the Low Pass grade is 4.0. 3. The maximum number of subjects for which a Low Pass Grade can be awarded is capped at 10 for the entire duration of the course. 4. Students who secure a Low Pass grade will be provided with one opportunity to enhance their grade in the immediate subsequent chance. 5. All current (pursuing and trailing) students enrolled in the mentioned programs and schemes will be eligible for the Low Pass Grade benefits for exams they have attempted but not yet passed, and also for all subsequent examinations of the above-mentioned programmes and schemes

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