Continuous Internal Evaluation in KTU

Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE)): The Continuous Internal Evaluation shall be on the basis of the day-to-day work, periodic tests (minimum two in a semester) and assignments (minimum two). The faculty member (s) concerned shall carry out the Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) for the course allotted to him/her. The CIE marks for individual subjects shall be computed by giving weightage to the following parameters unless otherwise specified in the curriculum

Course Attendance Tests Assignment/ Class work/ Course project
Theory 20% 50% 30%
Drawing/ Practical 20% 40% 40%

There shall be minimum two internal evaluation tests, each of 2hrs duration. Each test shall cover 50% of the syllabus and shall be for 50marks. Retest shall be permitted to the students who could not appear for the internal tests due to genuine grounds. Three days shall be utilised for conducting the internal evaluation test.

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Project work a. Work assessed by the project guide – 30% b. Three member Continuous Internal Evaluation Committee – 40% ( Guide shall be one member in the CIE committee) c. Final Evaluation by a three member Committee comprising of the department project coordinator, guide and an external expert. The external expert shall be an academician or from industry. The industry expert is preferred : 30% d. One third of the project credit shall be completed in VII semester and two third in VIII semester.
Seminar The report and the presentation shall be evaluated by a team of internal members comprising three senior faculty members based on the style of presentation, technical content, adequacy of reference, depth of knowledge and overall quality of the report. a) Attendance : 10% b) Guide : 20% c) Technical content : 30% d) Presentation : 40%

The CIE marks for the attendance (20%) for each theory, practical and drawing shall be awarded in full, only if the candidate has secured 90% attendance or above in the subject. If a student has attendance for a subject below 90%, reduction in the marks for the attendance shall be made proportionally. The CIE marks obtained by the student for all subjects in a semester are to be published at least 5 days before the commencement of the University examinations. Duty leave shall be accounted for awarding the internal marks for attendance.

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