How internal marks are awarded in KTU

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University follows a continuous academic evaluation procedure. Academic evaluation composes of internal evaluation and end semester examination.

Academic evaluation procedure and corresponding weights are as follows:
a) For theory courses: –
The maximum marks for internal evaluation : 50
The maximum marks for end semester examination : 100

Internal evaluation marks are awarded as follows.
i) Two internal tests of 1 hour duration conducted by the college: 40 (20 marks for each test)
ii) Tutorials/Assignments/Mini Projects carrying 10 marks.
(Internally by the College) :10
All the above evaluations are mandatory requirements to earn credits. Students who have missed either the first or the second test can register with the consent of the faculty and the Head of the Department (HOD) concerned for a re-test which will be conducted soon after the completion of the second test, but before the end semester examination. The re-test will cover both first and second test course plans. Those who have missed both the tests are not eligible to appear for the end semester examination.
However, if one misses both tests due to medical reasons or other personal exigencies, based on genuine evidence, a single test of 2 hour duration for 40 marks will be conducted covering the whole syllabus, before the end semester examinations. Decision on this will be taken by the Principal and verified by the external academic auditor.

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