KTU Rules for B.Tech Honours

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1. Institutions having at least two NBA accredited B.Tech/M.Tech programs canoffer B.Tech(Honours) .
2. The Program should have valid NBA accreditation at the time of registration of the student for B.Tech (Honours), in the fifth semester.
3. The department concerned shall have at least one M.Tech in concerned stream, for B.Tech (Honours) registration.
4. Only Students having no credit arrears and a CGPA of 8 or above at the end of the fourth semester are eligible to register for B.Tech (Honours).
5. After registering for the B.Tech (Honours) programme, if a student fails in any course he/she will not be eligible for B.Tech(Honours).
6. They have to earn additional 12 credits to complete the B.Tech (Honours) programme by registering for courses, each having a minimum of 3 credits.
7. Of these 12 credits, 6 credits are to be earned from M.Tech courses offered by the concerned department.
8. Remaining credits can be earned by registering for any of the following courses:-
 Additional B.Tech Elective courses (three credits each)
 MOOC courses offered by reputed institutions / organization with the approval of University (three credits each)
 Summer program/project offered by IITs or IISc ( 3 credits)
9. Online courses registered shall be certified ones with grading or marks or pass/fail.
10. Prior to registration to MOOC courses, formal approval of the University based on the organization of the programme, syllabus coverage, detailed duration of the programme, nature of evaluation etc. is needed.
11. If the MOOC course is a pass/fail course without any grades,the grade to be assigned will be B+.
12. Any expense incurred for the MOOC course/Summer programshould be met by the students

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