Comprehensive Exam 352 Details | S6 Common Papers Syllabus

Course Objectives:-

  • To assess the comprehensive knowledge gained in basic courses relevant to the branch of study.
  • To comprehend the questions asked and answer them with confidence.

Oral examination – To be conducted weekly during the slot allotted for the course in the curriculum (@ three students/hour) – 50 marks.
Written examination – To be conducted by the Dept. immediately after the second internal examination– common to all students of the same branch – objective type ( 1 hour duration)– 50 multiple choice questions ( 4 choices) of 1 mark each covering all the courses up to and including semester V – no negative marks – 50 marks.

Note: Both oral and written examinations are mandatory. But separate minimum marks is not insisted for pass. If a students does not complete any of the two assessments, grade I shall be awarded and the final grade shall be given only after the completion of both the assessments. The two hours allotted for the course may be used by the students for library reading and for oral assessment.

Expected outcome:-
 The students will be confident in discussing the fundamental aspects of any engineering problem/situation and give answers in dealing with them.


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