KTU-Summer Course Rules & Regulations

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Summer Course is a Remedial short-term class arrangement for the students who have become Failed DueTo Eligibility (FE). The Summer Course is an independent course and the students have to register for the same by themselves.This provision of summer courses may be extended to who have got FE grade due to (i)Shortage of attendance (ie. having attendance less than 75%) (ii) shortage of internal evaluation marks (ie. having IAmarks less than 45%) with the following conditions.

  1.  The students shall have minimum 50% attendance in the specified course ofthe regular semester. They have to register for the summer course and obtain 75% attendance.
  2. The students shall have a minimum 35% IA marks in the regular semester.During the summer course the student will get a chance to improve the IAmarks by writing one IA make up test during the summer course. This will replace the lower of the two marks got in the regular semester. However the IAmarks shall be limited to 50%.
    Details are available in KTU Website (www.ktu.edu.in→Academic→Norms and
    Rules →Guideline for Summer Course)

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